Mage: The Sempiternal

AAR - Session 1
Brief recaps of each session

12/22/17 – Awakening +1

A police officer, a career criminal and a millionaire socialite, joined together by a mage with a flair for the theatrical.

Characters Met

Mallius (M)

  A member of the Historian faction in the Free Council.

Most Worshipful Julius Brown, Junior (M)

  The elected lead councilman of the local Free Council, and Grand Master of the MW Prince Hall Masonic Lodge. Goes by his given name as he is a public figure. This also makes him extra careful not to make enemies.

Nathan Porter (SW)

  Mission Coordinator for the Freedom Fighters faction in Seattle

Balahadra, Airavata and Raktavira Rampersaud (SW)

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  Cab-driver identical triplets, all deaf.


Locations of note

MW Prince Hall Masonic Lodge

  Local meeting hall for the Free Council

Seattle Underground

  Headquarters for the Freedom Fighters, staffed by a combination of Mages and Sleepwalkers.

Seattle Art Museum

  Run by the Wrights.

Internet Cafe

  Hangout for members of the Fish Miners cabal, a small collection of Open Source and Cutting Edge mages.


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